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My Natural Deodorant Experience

July 13, 2018




Hi guys so I want to share my experience with switching over to natural deodorant. It was a bit of a challenge to find the right fit for my body, but I pushed through. 


So first I started with Primal Pit Paste Lemongrass scent. Overall the scent was pretty good. It smelled just like lemongrass and the deodorant worked wonderfully to keep me smelling fresh all day without any additional re-applications. And that included me working all day then doing a HIIT workout. 


When I started Primal Pit Paste my body went through the usual detox phase where I was sweating like nobody's business.  It was really weird to feel my pits actually sweat, which is what they are supposed to to but most deodorants contain aluminum that blocks your pits from sweating which is no bueno.


So anyhow I went through the detox phase then my armpits started getting very sensitive with red bumps. I then started getting bumps on my abdomen. At first I didn't realize that the abdomen bumps were from the deodorant but then I soon realized I was reacting to the baking soda that was in the deodorant.


Next up I tried Nourish Organic  Almond Vanilla scent because I noticed that this option didn't contain baking soda. I used this for about 2 months, and let me tell you it was great that my arm pit and abdomen irritation went away but this option didn't keep my armpit odor under control and I wasn't a fan of the scent either.


Last but not least, my best friend was telling me about Native. She raved about how good it works with no side effects for her personally. So I went on their website and noticed that their sensitive formula didn't contain baking soda. So I tried the vanilla coconut scent and I loved it! It has the same odor fighting power as primal pit paste but without the irritation and I also love their scents. My most recent favorite is the Strawberry Rhubarb scent. 


I know that's a lot of info but I hope it is helpful as you go on your journey for better for your body options. Also for those of you that are wondering why a natural deodorant is a better for your body option click here to check out  this article By Dr. Mercola.



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